C-Rod says what C-Rod thinks: Breaking up with Breaking Bad

The greatest show on television, Breaking Bad, has come to an end. It was a satisfying ending in my opinion (no spoilers here), because no loose ends were left in the last episode. As AMC’s promo puts it, “all bad things must come to an end.”


I’ll miss the high drama in each episode that literally kept me biting my nails, and turned me into… a Breaking Bad junkie.


I started watching the show last year, the summer before college. Several of my friends recommended it, and my family wouldn’t dare to interrupt my dad’s Breaking Bad Sundays. I decided to see what all the hype was about.


I found it on the glorious Netflix. So, I began watching the series from the pilot, and I couldn’t stop. I found that Breaking Bad itself was a drug. It’s hard to watch just one episode.

The show’s protagonist sells drugs. But in reality, he’s actually selling you the show, and you just keep buying it. The drama in each episode creates more anticipation for the next episode, which is what drives the series. You want to know what will happen, and you’ll jitter until you get your Breaking Bad fix.


Also, Breaking Bad affected what I bought.   No, I did not buy crystal meth. I bought merchandise related to the show. I wish I owned more, but I have to make do with what I have. If you wear Breaking Bad merchandise, people are going to notice. The iconic “Los Pollos Hermanos” or the “Heisenberg” sketch, are images people associate with the show.
I own a “Heisenberg” shirt and people notice it; they say “cool shirt.” I like that, because I’m not the only one in a “16 and Pregnant” world that watches good shows and appreciates them.


Watching Breaking Bad was like escaping my world. When I would turn on the TV, I would go into my Breaking Bad world. Once that hour was over, all I could think about was homework, and what was going to happen on the following week’s episode. I repeated the cycle until the show was over. As most addictions go, the wait between fixes got worse as the series neared its close.

As it was ending, I still wanted to see what was going to happen, but I didn’t want it to end. I was at a tug-o-war with my desires. Watching the last episode, I accepted there would be no more Breaking Bad Sundays.


I have to remember the experience and why it happened. No more Breaking Bad… just breaks me. But, it was a high that I will remember.

I can’t find a new show to watch, since there’s nothing on that compares to Breaking Bad. I will wander the channels trying to find a new escape. All I have now are memories.