C-Rod says what C-Rod thinks: next generation gaming consoles nothing to get excited over

In less than a month, the video game market will welcome the Xbox One and PS4; the next generation (gen) of gaming consoles.

The Xbox One comes out Nov. 22 while the PS4 launches Nov. 15.

The two systems will be rivals as were their predecessors; the Xbox 360 and PS3. The big retailers already sold out from massive pre-orders for both consoles.

I’m a huge video game guy. I own a PS3, an Xbox 360, and a Wii (to collect dust). Now, I play the life out of my 360, but I look at my PS3 and think, “you’re my blu-ray player.” OK, not really; I use it to play exclusives.

Now that the new consoles are coming out, it would seem like I would want to buy one of these hunks of plastic. No sir, I will not be buying one; maybe steal it, but not buy it.

I don’t feel the need to upgrade to a new system. Both new systems have weak game release lineups, and I still about 20 games to finish on my old systems.

Also, the next gen consoles are not backwards-compatible so my games will not work on the new console. So, games that I have yet to finish will accumulate more dust.

Furthermore, the titles launching with the new consoles aren’t really anything to give a cookie over. The blockbuster games – Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed – aren’t next gen exclusives that I have to give an arm for. Of course, there’s going to be next gen graphics that’ll run well on my 720p TV (not really).

The truth is I’m not ready to buy a new system with the same titles the current gens have.

Who’s ready to dish out $400 to $500 on a new piece of plastic made in China? That price tag is kind of harsh to grasp. The cost of the new consoles will eventually decrease, or they will offer some sort of value bundle.

When I first bought the Xbox 360, I paid $400 (plus taxes), but I didn’t buy it when it first came out. It was about a year and a half later. I have spent big bucks on gaming consoles because I was a 13-year-old who HAD to upgrade.

It’s not that I can’t afford a new console; I don’t feel that I should go out and buy something that doesn’t need replacing. My need to upgrade is in the past.

Before my 360, I had an original Xbox and burned all my games because I played so much. I wanted to experience Xbox Live and all the new games on the 360. I bought the 360, played Live with my buddies and had a good time.

The only down side of owning one of the first 360s was the ‘Red Ring of Death’ (console failure). My Xbox suffered this illness and I had to replace it. Luckily, Microsoft extended its warranty for 360s suffering that fate. I got a new Xbox (well, Microsoft-refurbished) and all was set.

I think both Microsoft and Sony will release a new version of their consoles in about two years. Maybe then I’ll buy an Xbox One or PS4.

The best thing for me to do is wait. I’m not a guy who has to run out and get the next big thing. I have patience.

If you feel the time is right to buy a new console, then go for it. I don’t feel it’s time for me to buy a new game box; I still have a mammoth amount of life left in my current one.

I buy when something needs replacing; like my phone. I am due for an upgrade now, and I need a new phone. My current one is lagging, and the battery drains fast.

Now, that calls for an upgrade.