Chapa’s tips to choosing movie formats

Movies provide entertainment to people of all ages. Going to the movie theater is a way to relax and have fun.

Current movie formats include 2D, 3D, IMAX, and IMAX 3D. The 3D format became even more popular when Avatar came out and became a huge blockbuster in 2009. Since Avatar’s success, more movies are released in 3D hoping for an extra profit boost.

I like to see movies from time to time. Some of the movies I like to see come in a 3D version. Now, what I keep in mind, is the amount of money I would spend seeing a 3D movie.

You see, there are some movies where the 3D effects feel unnecessary. Why spend a lot of money on a 3D movie if the effects aren’t great?

So, here are some guidelines. When I want to see reviews from people who went to advance screenings of the movie, I visit I read the reviews for a movie with more than one format, and then I decide which one to see. Some reviews might say the 3D version is “OK”, or the effects are “unnecessary,” while others might say it’s great.

I say if a movie has lots of good reviews about the 3D format, spend the extra money and see it in 3D. Similarly, if the movie has mostly “OK” or “unnecessary” comments see it in 2D. However, if you see the movie in 3D regardless of the reviews, be cautious because you’ll be spending a lot more money for a movie that may not be as impressive as you would expect.

Of course, there are instances when a theater offers more show times for the 3D format than the 2D format. That was the case when the movie Gravity was released. In a situation like this, I say buy your ticket ahead of time to be on the safe side; just in case the 2D showings sell out.

The helpful hints may save you a little bit of money when deciding whether to go 2D or 3D.