C-Rod says what C-Rod thinks: motor heads really just artists when cruising down the street

Some drivers take pride in their cars. Whether it’s used or new, a car is to some degree an extension of our self. To some, customizing their car makes it a reflection of their style. For others, it’s just an object that gets them from point A to point B.

A car can also be like a child. You take care of it and make sure nothing bad happens to it.

I take pride in what I drive, a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Some people don’t have a choice in what they drive. Fortunately, when my parents were looking for a car for me, I did. I’m a fan of General Motors (GM) as is my dad. It’s inherited much like what political party you vote for.

I was in the market for a sedan made by GM. I looked on websites like Craigslist and eBay and went out to local used car dealerships. I found a few cars, but they were either too expensive or weren’t in good condition. I saw a couple of Grand Prix, but they drove as if they were constipated. This made me lose hope. Previous owners didn’t treat them the way I would have treated mine.

Like any first anything, it had to be spectacular. I wasn’t sure what to expect from owning a car. The search campaign took about three months. Tired of looking, I decided to just go with a car that ran well and wasn’t expensive.

I found a listing for a Dodge Stratus, so the family and I went to see what this car was all about.

And that’s when I spotted it; a Pontiac Grand Prix. Finding that car was a “love story” tale. The guy gets the car.

The owner said it was for sale, and a few days later, it was part of our family of cars.

It then became an extension of me.

My car had to look its best when it hit the streets. I researched proper washing and waxing online, so I worked my magic and bam – everything was clean and shiny. Of course, the car had “old lady wheels” on it. I wanted something sportier, and I eventually found some on eBay (a year later).

That’s what I mean when I say a car is an extension of one’s self. It is like a work of art. Our creativity goes into the car for others to see. And like any piece of art, it’s open to criticism.

We also see them as children. We fear something bad will happen to them.

In the back of my mind, there was a fear that something bad would happen to my car; not cause by me but someone else.

Well, it did happen. Thankfully, no one was injured, but I wasn’t thinking about that. My art was injured. The thing I helped bring to life was hurt.

A car you invest in, whether through internal mods or appearance is your style.

As for the Pontiac brand, you can’t buy a new one anymore. GM discontinued Pontiac in 2010. I don’t get why GM would discontinue a brand known for its fierce cars, but GM was making too many cars at that time.

When you care for something and it’s gone, you have to hope one day you’ll see what you care about doing well.