Campus Rec event just a day at the beach


Campus Rec

The 2013 Beach Day coed volleyball team poses for a group picture.

Students will be skipping class and heading down to Galveston next week.


With the District’s permission, selected participants will represent San Jacinto College Central Campus at the annual Gulf Coast Intercollegiate Consortium (GCIC) sponsored Beach Day at Stewart Beach Wednesday, April 16.


“GCIC Beach Day is an event that includes area community colleges,” Campus Recreation (Rec) Staff Assistant Mary Shelley said.


The Department organizes three major GCIC events: Sports Day during the Spring and Fall semesters, as well as Beach Day in April every year.


“It keeps me active and it’s also a good way to make friends,” student Dalton Boyd said about the recreational activities offered at San Jac.


According to Campus Rec, about 30 athletes from Central campus will compete against local rivals in volleyball, soccer, flag football, and golf at Moody Gardens Golf Course.


“I have been participating in Campus Rec activities since the beginning of my freshman year,” Boyd said.


However, not all students are chosen solely by their strength or ability to control the ball.


Before playing in Beach Day activities Shelley said, “Students must participate in the Campus Rec Program,” and demonstrate a positive sportsmanlike attitude.


Central campus hosted the GCIC Sports Day earlier this semester, placing first in both soccer and volleyball among the 16 competing schools.


“I will be playing football,” student Evan Christopherson said. “It’s fun to go out there against teams that think they’ll beat you and then prove them wrong,”


The defending team will have to prepare for the unconventional turf found naturally at the beach to maintain their lead for this next Rec event.


“We used to have a sand volleyball court on campus, but it has since been eliminated,” Shelley said. “In the future, I hope to bring the sand volleyball court back and get students using it on a regular basis!”


Despite the lack of resources, athletes continue to run through their game plan.


“I’ll get the team together to have a couple practices and meetings,” Christopherson said.


Above all scores, Campus Rec is taking extra steps to ensure health and safety remain priority number one while competitors enjoy the contest by the scenic waves.


“Coach Sutton, myself, and student staff members will be monitoring students for any signs of fatigue or possible heat emergencies such as heat exhaustion,” Shelley said.


The organization is also advising students to stay hydrated before, during, and after the tournaments.


“I will drink a lot of water in preparation of being in the sun all day,” Dalton said.


In addition to maintaining adequate nutrition, the department suggests participants take the time to stretch, warm up, and wear proper attire in order to protect their bodies.


“Regardless if the sun is shining or not, we ask students to use sunscreen as a precaution…,” Shelley said. “Sun burns are not to be taken lightly, and could potentially turn into skin cancer later in life.”


Athletes agree.


“Maintaining good health and staying physically active is a huge priority for me,” Dalton said.


Campus Rec also welcomes spectators to come and watch the activities.


“Students carpool down to Galveston with friends, and sometimes family members attend to cheer on and support their students,” Shelley said.


While this is a friendly competition Shelley clarified, no prizes are awarded since an “excused” day at the beach is pleasing enough.


“What I enjoy most about being in involved is staying active and meeting new friends,” Boyd said.


Campus Rec will post San Jac’s results from the event online shortly after the scheduled date.