Theater arts club bound for greatness

San Jacinto College South Campus will introduce Inbound Arts, its revamped theater arts club in March.
According to member Doug Parsons, the club was previously known as the Class Act Players and will “officially open its doors to all students who wish to participate in theater.”
Inbound Arts “is a little different than Class Act,” Parsons said. “We focus more on student-driven works.”
In addition, Parsons said Inbound Arts is a “student-run collective” aimed at performing “exotic and provocative arts.”
“Our goals,” he said, “are to perform artistic features that are not stereotypical ‘Broadway’ style theater. We utilize all forms of art, to include visual art, acting and directing, dance and music.”
Although Inbound Arts is geared toward the acting and directing elements of theater, Parsons said, “those who wish to participate in sound and lighting design, set designing and building and writing are welcome as well.”
Parsons, after taking six years off from school to serve in the United Stated Marine Corps, said he got into San Jac theater by accident.
“When I started attending San Jac, I saw an audition poster up for a show called ‘Voices’ and figured, ‘why not?’ So I went and auditioned and made the play. Ever since then, I have been participating in theater and decided that this is what I want to do with my life,” Parsons said.
“Now I am more focused on Film and Television, however, everyone needs a start somewhere right?”
Fellow Inbound Arts member Naseem Husain got his start with theater arts while in the sixth grade but became involved in San Jac theater in Spring, 2013.
“I did it all throughout high school,” Husain said. “However, I didn’t really start taking it seriously until my junior year.“
Currently, Parsons said the group is planning a “Shakespeare abridged showcase” that will include, dance, music and visual arts.
“This showcase, however, will not be your normal Shakespeare play,” Parsons said. “It will definitely be more fun and lively in a non-Shakespearean manner.”
Inbound Arts will meet every Monday beginning in March at 5 p.m. in the Black Box Theater of the Marie Spence Flickinger Performing Arts building on the South campus.
“Our focus in March will be meeting with fellow San Jac students who are interested in the organization and informing them of our goals/ideas,” Parsons said. “Once we have everyone on board, we will start putting a show in production.”