North campus artist turns over ‘Terrorist’ profits to charity

The future is bright for San Jacinto College North Campus sophomore and undaunted young artist Henry Murillo.
March 28 will mark two years since he started his art promotion company American Terrorist Inc. (ATI) with his cousin Jesse Balerio and close friend Alonso Perales.
The company not only focuses on promoting paintings, they also promote music, skateboarding and other forms of artistry.
“ATI is a profitable organization that supports and also helps local artists of any nature display their talent through charitable shows and events that we host,” Murillo said.
Since its inception, ATI has hosted three art shows. Their first show was the Houston Art Climb held at Francisco’s Studios where Murillo, along with over 50 other artists, showed their work.
“My friend Christian, who I used to work with at the art supply, would tell me about them all the time and eventually he asked me to join in,” Murillo said.
Since then, Murillo and ATI have hosted two other art shows and donated the profits to charity.
Murillo said he wants to make a difference with every art show he hosts, so he donates the proceeds to different charities.
“I guess because I always felt that a lot of people never gave back, especially profitable organizations,” Murillo said, “People are always talking about making a change, but I don’t ever see them doing it. That’s why we’re doing what we do.”
ATI’s first show was in 2012at the height of talk surrounding the Mayan apocalypse and the end of the world. Murillo said he wanted to play into that sentiment and titled the show The Beginning of the New World. It featured a painting of Murillo’s rendition of the Mayan calendar.
All the proceeds from the show were donated to the Boys and Girls Harbor of LaPorte.
ATI’s second show was called Illuminate Your Sole which showcased sneaker art. The show included sneaker paintings, and customized sneakers Murillo painted.
The proceeds from that show were donated to leukemia cancer research.
On March 2, ATI will participate in the Scope Fashion & Art Expo at Stereo Live. The show will include local clothing lines, hip-hop and R & B artists, and graphic artists. ATI will be there to promote their upcoming art show happening in May which will display new art and new custom sneakers Murillo created.
There is no official title for the May art show, but Murillo confirmed it will have a music theme and include artists that inspired him personally, and ATI.
Murillo said the proceeds from the upcoming show will be donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).
Some might argue that ATI’s name is offensive, but Murillo said that is not what the intention is.
“We’re basically representing the good that’s seen in the misunderstood,” Murillo said. “Especially with a name like ours, that’s so bold.”