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Borrowing from the free-to-play mobile market, video game developers rely heavily on loot boxes and other microtransaction content to maximize profits. Weary of potential pitfalls, some countries have banned loot boxes categorizing them as online gambling.

Taggart’s Take: Gamers May Fall Prey to Industry’s Predatory Practices

Michael Taggart, Editor-in-chief
October 26, 2017
Stefun Darts (right) attends an event commemorating Women’s History Month with Phalan Jones, the vice president of his charity, Caring Heart Youth Foundation. Darts made headlines after giving his grandparents $15,000 to pay off their home mortgage.

National Media Spotlights San Jac Student’s Generosity

Holly Galvan, Editor-in-chief
April 14, 2016
Like many other Americans, bargain-seekers abandon their Thanksgiving tables to battle long lines at Macy's in Costa Mesa, Calif., last year on Black Friday morning.

Color Coded Shopping Days Put Retailers in the Black

Emily Wolfe, Editor-in-chief
November 24, 2014
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