San Jac expands RN program

San Jacinto College North Campus will begin a new ADN-RN program in the fall semester as an extension of Central campus’s existing program.

ADN-RN, an acronym for Associate Degree Nursing-Registered Nursing, is a program offering graduates entry into the nursing profession as a Registered Nurse.

Vocational Nursing Department Director Rhonda Bell said, “The North Campus has never had an ADN-RN Program. We have had the Vocational Nursing Program since 1974.”

Furthermore, she said the program will help alleviate the nursing shortage in the area while providing “quality care for a diverse population.” The community voiced an interest in creating such a program several years ago and San Jac worked to get it going, Bell added.

“Once the various approvals (were given) by the Texas Board of Nursing, The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and our Board of Trustees,” she said, “the program leaders began to finalize the information and plan for the implementation.”

Meanwhile, Bell said the program encourages students pursuing a nursing career to, “succeed with perseverance, purpose, and passion.”

“We believe that success is possible with perseverance; the ability to keep going even when the going gets tough,” Bell said. “A sense of purpose: nursing is a notable profession whereby we have a positive effect on so many people…. Passion is what we love to do, so we continue to press for excellence.”

Moreover, Bell said the addition of the program offers health science students more educational and career options.

“The students, who are currently enrolled in a degree plan for nursing and are completing the prerequisites, will now have the opportunity to apply to the RN program and continue their education at San Jac,” Bell said.

Serita Dickey, Dean of Natural Sciences, said the new program will serve as the “crown jewel” of North campus’s health science offerings.

“I am so excited for our community and future students to be able to meet their educational and career goals by attending the North Campus.”

“I cannot wait for the first class to be accepted and seated,” Dickey said. “It will be a very emotional day for me.”