Get Lit getting bigger than ever

Over the years, the Get Lit event has evolved.

When event organizer San Jacinto College English professor William Wolfe started working at Central campus in 2008, Get Lit was small and aimed to get the word out about literature classes. Now, it is a large scale festivity and its purpose is to bring all departments and student organizations together to have a great time.

Many professors and students involved in the event dress up in costumes, Wolfe said. In earlier years, attendees would dress up as their favorite literary characters or authors. Now they wear costumes according to the event’s theme.

Last year, the theme was Shakespearean literature and the event enjoyed a great turnout. This year’s theme is Mythology, Legends, and Folklore. Wolfe said he is leaning toward dressing up as Dionysus, the God of wine.

The event will feature many activities happening at 15 different booths, Wolfe said. Several departments and organizations will participate including cosmetology, mathematics, chemistry, biology, foreign language, developmental studies, and of course, English.

Furthermore, Wolfe said the cosmetology table’s theme is Once Upon A Time where they will offer hairstyling that resembles fictional characters.

Moreover, Chrysalis, the Central campus online magazine will have a booth where Wolfe said budding poets can submit a poem that will be shown on a projector for all attendees to see.

Other participants include the nursing department, which will showcase nursing in literature at their booth, Pandora’s Pub will offer free food while the Living Art booth by Wolfe will feature living art presented by his students portraying Greek gods and goddesses.

Wolfe said he and other professors weave this event into their curriculum. His students participate in the event as part of their grades.

He added, he encourages students from all campuses to attend and hopes students fill every square inch of the Student Center.

“We’re a two year college,” Wolfe said, “and one of the things that students seem to miss out on is some of the experiences that students at larger universities offer. We’re trying to fill some of the gaps by offering this fun event.”

Get Lit will take place Wednesday, April 23 between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the William M. Newton building.