Keili’s Korner: Mattress Mac calling on Astros to ‘save you money’

For a split second, the Earth (city of Houston) stood still. The stars aligned and placed their good graces upon the fallen city. In that special moment, everything was just, and Houstonians’ minds were at peace.

The Houston Astros were, by some miracle, undefeated.

A few days after Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, the stars moved about the universe to their respective sites bringing the undesired, but not unexpected, sense of loss back to the defeated town.

Professional sports in Houston are notorious for raising the hopes of their beloved fans, then painstakingly crushing championship dreams. For example, the Texans kicked off the 2013 season with a 2-0 record. Critics raved about their overpowering defense and how it could pave the way for playoffs, and ultimately, the Super Bowl.

However, losses began to build up as the 2-14 Texans slowly (but surely) ripped the roused red, winning white and boisterous blue out of the fans’ hearts.

The Astros, like the Texans, were not known for a winning record, rather as their League’s worst team.

During the 2013 season, the Astros competed in 162 games, 51 of which they were victorious. This ranked as the most losses for any MLB team since 2004.

However, on Opening Day, 2014, the playing field proved even as the Astros battled the New York Yankees. Coming off three-straight 100 loss seasons, the Houston team set out to prove they were more than just a “has been” franchise trying to swing a bat. The Astros beat the Yankees in the three game series 2-1.

Upon that victory, excitement for the 2014 season flew through the retractable roof. Yes, the Houston Astros won a series; something that cannot be frequently verbalized.

To be an Astros fan, a little fun has to be made here and there to make the dreadful season ahead not so… well, dreadful.

Even Mattress Mac is betting against the home team! The Gallery Furniture owner promised the first 500 customers, spending $6300 or more at his store, a full refund if the Astros win 63 games this season. That’s a mere 10 more would-be wins than last season’s record breaker.

Can it be done? The 500 customers sure hope so. But when taking into account the fact that the Astros haven’t won more than 63 games since 2010, it seems highly unlikely.

Despite my obvious skepticism, I bid good luck to the Astros… and to the wide-eyed believers blowing $6300 of their hard earned cash for an improbable outcome.