Rec Night at the Rockets has Houston fans seeing red

Red Nation fans flooded Toyota Center April 14 to watch Houston clinch the number four seed in the Western Conference during the sold-out San Jacinto College Campus Recreation (Rec) Night at the Rockets.


“You’re literally surrounded by fans, and they’re pretty loud; so it’s fun to go,” San Jac student Jacob Castillo said.


The victory resulted in a four-game season sweep against Texas NBA rival team San Antonio Spurs with a final score of 104-98.


“The Spurs have been a better team this season, so I’m glad we swept them.” Castillo said. “That’s big for us, it shows that we can compete.”


Houston’s victory secured home court advantage going into the first round of the NBA Playoffs.


“We might need it, the team is pretty young, and for them to get together for the Playoffs, is more than just a regular season game,” student Napoleon Soto said.


Last semester, Campus Rec organized the same event for the first time toward the beginning of the basketball season.


“Students are always on a budget, so we’re trying to offer reduced tickets for them,” Campus Rec Staff Assistant Mary Shelley said.


According to the Shelley, demand for tickets significantly increased as the Rockets moved closer toward placing in the Southwest Division.


“This was definitely much more electric. There was more on the line for this game,” Shelley said.


In addition to pro-basketball, Campus Rec plans to offer discounted admission for select Dynamo and Astros games, as well.


“It just made sense to approach them and see what kind of offer they could make us, and it was a pretty good deal.”


“I got eight tickets for the Dynamo,” student Karim Mahmoud said. “If they have anything else to offer, I’ll be there.”


Meanwhile, San Jac students are snatching up the opportunity to attend in person because local broadcasting is limited.


“I don’t have Comcast, so I usually will go to Buffalo Wild Wings or here on campus to watch at the Student Center,” Mahmoud said.


Moreover, Shelley said attending a game is an opportunity for an evening on the town.


“Instead of just sitting down watching this stuff on TV or saying ‘Hey, I’m bored, what is there to do?’…” Shelley said. “…Go out to Houston and make a night out of it!”