Texans ‘honored’ with NFL No. 1 draft pick

“And with the first pick, the Houston Texans select…”

A day of picking and choosing and swapping and trading is on its way; May 8 begins the 2014 National Football League Draft.

College players around the country will wait anxiously to hear their name called to the podium of professionals. The first team to approach the pedestal this year will be Houston’s home team, the Texans.

“I guess you wouldn’t really say they were ‘awarded’ the first pick,” San Jacinto College student Austin Homan said, “it’s not an honor to be last in the league.”

The Texans, after initially showing potential for a winning season, wrecked their record with two wins and 14 losses clinching the last place spot in the 2013 season. With such an achievement comes the pity pick from the NFL committee.

Each season, the team with the lousiest record will receive first pick in the NFL draft. Like Homan said, it is not quite an honor but seemingly a Texan tradition, as this will be their third number one pick since joining the NFL.

Predictions have been made based on heavy player analysis and position demand for each professional team.

“I believe the Texans will use their first pick on Jadeveon Clowney,” Rachel Warner said. “He’s not a quarterback but he’s just too good to pass up.”

Clowney is a six foot six defensive end out of South Carolina who, according to NFL player analysis is an “athletic marvel with raw, explosive power and rare speed for his size.”

Three NFL media analysts, Daniel Jeremiah, Bucky Brooks and Charles Davis, agree with Warner in predicting the Texans first pick to be Clowney.

However, others feel the Texans are in need of a quarterback. That need was displayed this season by numerous lackluster performances in that position.

The seventh-year Texan, Matt Schaub, became notoriously known for the “pick six” scenario. In multiple games, he threw a pass that was intercepted (pick) and ran for a touchdown (six points).

Texans fans grew so irritated with Schaub’s continuous disappointing performances that they cheered when he suffered an on-field ankle injury.

Jay Hedgeman did not partake in the cheering of an injury, but does agree that Schaub was not getting the job done. Texans Head Coach, Bill O’Brien, must’ve had mutual feelings; Schaub was traded to the Oakland Raiders.

“The Texans are in definite need of a quarterback,” he said, “someone like Johnny Manziel.”

Manziel, a quarterback from Texas A&M, is a high profile player since winning the Heisman trophy. His flashy on-field performance gained him nationwide popularity and even a level of celebrity status.

Manziel is scheduled to visit the Texans later this month and is also a top prospect in the draft with predictions showing an early pickup.

Pro Football Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice, told NFL Network selecting Johnny Manziel as their first pick is a “no-brainer.”

“If he can just relax, stay in the pocket, deliver the ball down the field with accuracy, and get the ball in the hands of his playmakers, I think it’s a no-brainer for the Houston Texans to take this guy,” Rice said.

Critics will argue that along with Manziel’s small frame and undisciplined play-calling, his off-field demeanor can be a hindrance to whichever football franchise calls him.

With the first pick in their possession, the Texans are at liberty to choose any player, based on their best instincts. The 2014 recruiting class runs deep with talent making their decision a tough one.

Whichever player is next welcomed to Houston, will not only wear the red, white and blue but will be expected to help turn the Texans’ tragic year to just a glitch in a successful 2014 season.