Ef goes ’round town: Ra sushi still a place to dress and impress

Having a hard time finding a place to take your date where the food is just as good as the atmosphere? RA Sushi is the place to go.

From the moment you pull up, you’re greeted by complimentary valet parking. You walk in the foyer and a staircase takes you to the second floor where the actual restaurant is. Walking up the stairs, you are welcomed by an oriental painting and contemporary decor with a strong black and red theme resonating through the whole place.

The restaurant consists of three sections, the sushi bar, the dine-in section, and an open bar. Where you decide to sit depends on the type of date you’re looking to have.

If you want to have a nice lunch, I recommend dining in, but if you’re looking to enjoy a few drinks and socialize for a while, then I recommend sitting in the bar area.

One of the reasons I like RA is the wide variety of sushi they offer. Their menu consists of traditional sushi dishes as well as their own signature dishes.

I recently went with a date and we enjoyed ourselves. As an appetizer we ordered their signature lobster spring rolls; a lightly fried mix of lobster, mango, cream cheese, and mild peppers wrapped in wonton paper. They are served with mango sauce and are very delicious.

Then came the Viva Las Vegas Roll; a lightly tempura-battered kani kama crab and cream cheese mixture rolled in rice and seaweed, topped with spicy tuna, kani kama crab mix and sliced lotus root, and finished with a sweet eel sauce and spinach tempura bits.

For dessert we had fried banana with Kahlua, a chocolate-stuffed fried banana with Kahlua caramel sauce and chocolate gelato.

The food was delicious but, unfortunately, the service was mediocre this time.

I would also recommend avoiding weekend evenings when the waiting list can get a little backed up. The last time I went on a weekend, I waited for an hour and a half.

All in all, I would say you will get out of the experience what most people are looking for on a date; a nice looking restaurant to impress your companion with the quality of food to match.