Davlin’s tips: staying ahead keeps spring semester stressless

How do we manage stress and keep up the motivation that was so strong at the beginning of the school year? Being a San Jac student myself, I feel this way every time warm weather is near. Classes feel longer, homework seems endless, and summer couldn’t be further away.

San Jac student Jordon Carroll said he always falls apart after Spring Break and can’t keep up the drive he had at the start of the academic year.

“Every time Spring Break rolls around, I let loose and let go of the steering wheel. I always forget that Spring Break is only a week and I can’t get used to it. Before I know it, here is school again and I have to find my motivation that I lost in Cancun,” Carroll said.

Fellow student Karina Trevino said the second semester is the worst and she thinks more about what she is going to do for summer, than what she is supposed to be doing for school.

“Winter sloughs off and the sun starts creeping more and more every day. That is my dying moment. I lose all focus on school and start planning my summer To Do list,” Trevino said.

Obviously, during Spring semester, we are all tired and ready to get this over with. But the question is, how do we stay motivated?

I stay on top of things by making lists and keeping up with my school work instead of going out during the week when I know I have exams and homework. Students should reevaluate their priorities and think of what’s going to benefit them in the long run.

Case in point: San Jac student Aaron Munoz said he usually doesn’t do anything over Spring Break except catch up on school work and relax.

“If I went out during Spring Break, I would fall behind and be more stressed than I was before. I use that week to relax and get my things together so I have an easier time after it’s over” Munoz said.

Laporshe Galloway said, she tries to get most of her homework done before Spring Break so she can get away from school for a while. She does this all semester so she can keep up.

“Yes, school is stressful. But why am I going to fall behind and not stay motivated? Summer is enough motivation for me to keep pushing forward,” Galloway said.

It’s up to all students to put their priorities in order. Keeping up with your classes will benefit you later on. Don’t find out the hard way!