Nike shoes, are they just a fashion statement or can pretty shoes perform?

We see these shoes in classrooms, gyms, and just about anywhere people are walking. They are seen in every style and color. Take a look in a classroom, and I bet at least one student is wearing this brand.


Nike shoes are known for their style, but what about for performance? Do they really perform or are these pretty shoes just for show?


Students around San Jacinto College Central Campus gladly shared their opinions about the Nike brand. Some folks agreed they are a fashion statement while others did not.


Maria Martinez, a student at San Jac said she wears them for fashion but hasn’t tried them for hard training.


“I haven’t really put my Nike’s to the test in the gym. To be honest, I walk more in them than I do working out. They work just fine for a girl like me that only does the elliptical,” Martinez said.


Moreover, Danielle Pulido, a student I caught jogging on campus, provided some insight on choosing a type of NIKE footwear.


“I absolutely love them for running. They are so light and airy which is a big deal for me. Now I have had ones that didn’t work, but you have to choose the right kind of Nikes for whatever you are doing in the shoes,” Pulido said.


Tyler Martin, who is a big Nike fan stated he loves wearing them when he’s not working out, but he puts them away when it comes to training in the gym.


“I do love these shoes so much, but I have to admit they are not for the gym. I have tried all styles, and they just don’t work for me. Maybe I work out a little crazy, but I didn’t think I trained much differently from anyone else,” Martin said.


Similarly, student Genesis Rodriguez said he isn’t Nike’s biggest fan, but he does like to wear them outside of the gym.


“Nike shoes are pretty cool in my book when it comes to wearing them with my regular clothes. I never liked wearing them in the gym because they always ripped or didn’t make me feel stable. I feel like it’s more for a walker, or elliptical type of person,” Rodriguez said.


Fellow student Corey Williams said he doesn’t mind running on the track with them, but he can’t jump or perform quick movements without feeling unstable.


“I rarely use mine for any type of hard work out. I only use them for light runs or just to wear around. Anytime that I have worn them to the gym, I feel like I am always slipping or retying them,” Williams said.


Meanwhile, Jacqueline Gutierrez explained there are many types of Nikes available for different activities. Consumers can make the right choice through trial and error.


“People say that Nike shoes only look pretty. I think differently. I had to find out which ones worked for me. And I do all types of training like cross-fit, for example,” Gutierrez said.


So, it looks like there is a clear line in the two camps. If you do decide to wear Nike shoes, make sure your activities match the lifestyle meant for the shoes.