Coeds prep for Spring Break

The sun is out, classes are dismissed, parties are raging, and college life is in full throttle.

Across the nation, students are preparing for a weeklong vacation consisting of beach parties, night clubs, outdoor activities and most importantly, no school. Spring Break is one of the most anticipated holidays for college students.

San Jac student Isela Montes said she plans on going out of town for Spring Break, but is not sure where she will be traveling. She is sure she will be going to a beach destination.

“I don’t know where I am going yet,” Montes said, “but I do know that I will be taking a vacation to a beach or something. I have not traveled anywhere for Spring Break so this will be my first time and I am really excited. I can’t wait to relax on the beach with no worries about having to turn in a paper the next day or study for a math exam.”

Among the top Spring Break destinations in the United States is South Padre Island, Texas and Panama City Beach, Fla. Thousands of students flood the coastline of small beach towns to immerse themselves in clear waters and spring festivities.

Student Marta Mani works and attends school full time. She looks forward to Spring Break because she is traveling with a few friends to South Padre Island.

“Me and my friends wanted to do something fun for Spring break,” Mani said, “but we are on a budget, so we decided to drive out a few hours to South Padre. I hear it’s a lot of fun and convenient if you’re on a budget. We will only be there four days, and I can’t wait to lay out on the beach for the time I am there.”

However, many college students plan to stay home and simply relax and enjoy a week of no classes. San Jac student Hector Rivera works fulltime and attends school part time. He will not be traveling anywhere for Spring Break, but he intends on enjoying the time off from school and hanging out with friends.

“Well, I’m not going anywhere for Spring Break because I have to work. I’m looking forward to going home and relaxing in the evening instead of having to go to class. That’s a vacation for me, and I will be hanging out at local bars and clubs with friends,” Rivera said.

For students staying home during the break, Houston and Galveston offer a few activities that can liven up a “stay-cation.” Activities in Houston include the Houston Rodeo, performances at Miller Outdoor Theatre, and multiple events at Discovery Green. Schlitterbahn in Galveston is opening its doors March 1st to welcome Spring Breakers.

In addition, Students on a budget wishing to drench themselves in sun and water have the option of driving just a few hours to enjoy tubing down the Guadalupe River.

Whether a student decides to stay home during Spring Break or travel out of town, keep in mind that it is a week of no classes, no studying, and no stress. Relax and enjoy Spring Break!