Laughter Yoga helps Central students get laugh out of midterms

Laughter is defined by as a “contagious and an instinctive behavior,” while Yoga is known as a good way to relieve stress and loosen up the mind and body.
The Psych Club and the National Honor Society in Psychology, Psi Beta have come together this semester to sponsor Laughter Yoga March 5 at San Jacinto College Central Campus.
Laughter Yoga is described by Laughter Yoga International as deep breathing yoga techniques working together with laughter exercises to oxygenate the body and brain. This combination makes participants feel healthy and energetic. It starts as a body exercise in a group, adding eye contact and childlike playfulness, which soon turns into contagious laughter.
The event is aimed at helping participants relieve stress before midterms.
Lainie Diamond, a certified Laughter Yoga instructor from the Jung Center, will lead the San Jac session. According to its website, the Jung Center is a nonprofit organization whose mission states it provides a “forum for dynamic conversations on a diverse range of psychological, artistic, and spiritual topics.”
Jesus De Leon, president of the Psych Club and vice president of Psi Beta, said the Clubs got the idea after a faculty member attended a similar event at the Jung Center in Houston.
“One of our advisors, professor Mitchell, thought it would be a great idea to bring Laughter Yoga to the campus,” De Leon said.
Similarly, Psych Club vice president Michelle Moore said it is a fun activity that helps “relieve stress and let loose.”
“It is a way to let your guard down and act silly,” Moore said, “while using laughter as a form of ‘medicine’ to feel better.”
While this is the first time Laughter Yoga will take place at San Jac, De Leon promises it will not be the last.
“If I continue to be president,” he said, “for years to come, there will be plenty more!”
In addition to helping students release stress, De Leon said organizers “hope that people who attend, gain interest in the club and join”.
Meanwhile, Moore encourages students, staff and faculty to come out and join because according to her, “there is nothing to lose and so much to gain.”
“You don’t need anything except your body,” Moore said. “It is super fun, and who doesn’t love laughing? Laughter Yoga will make you feel better.”
The event is open to everyone and will take place in the North Courtyard in front of the Student Center beginning at 12 p.m.