Davlin’s tips: super snacks fuel students

Snacks at school are a big priority for those of us who need to keep going; but which ones make us stay alert all day without crashing?

Almost every corner of any college campus has a snack machine filled with candy, sugary pop tarts and other treats. Why not make a change in your diet so you can stay focused and make it through your classes.

Crashing happens to all of us. It’s that feeling of your eyes closing and thoughts of just curling up in that comfy bed that you unwillingly got out of this morning.

Tara Gidus, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association says snacks are the “go to” fuel source to pick up the pace when energy starts to wane.

“Snacking keeps your metabolism revved up and is a great way to boost your energy,” Gidus said.

I, for one, used to make careless choices of pop tarts and sour patch kids knowing they would give me a boost for a few minutes while adding calories I didn’t need.

There are snacks that give you a pick- me- up without a crash halfway into class. You just need to make sure you are picking the right ones.

Gidus recommends her favorite healthy snacks that are packed full of vitamins and help boost energy.

“Fresh bananas and apples are loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. Fruit is great for times when you need a little energy boost,” Gidus said.

Student Gisella Hernandez said she used to bring sweets instead of healthy snacks and now realizes a huge difference.

“I always had a backpack full of goodies, and by the end of the day, I could barely walk to my car; even though I had been sitting in classes all day. When I finally listened to my mother about bringing healthier snacks, I finally didn’t have to take a nap immediately after school,” Hernandez said.

Marissa Sluss, another San Jac student, named a few snacks that she really enjoys and are easy to bring to school.

“I love cheese so much, but wanted to pick out the healthiest choice I knew. The Sargento Light String Cheese is absolutely delicious and keeps me full for a class. I also love packing peanuts and dried cranberries in a zip lock bag,” Sluss said.

These snacks can be found anywhere, right by those sugary snacks we all love. So before you buy candy when you’re feeling low, think about how you will feel after the sugar rush is over. It’s probably just a waste of money since you’ll most likely have to buy something to pick you up again. So think before you choose the wrong one!