Keili’s Korner: LGBT redefines League

“It’s 2014,” he said, “But I can’t tell society to agree or not agree with this.”
The “this” the speaker is referring is the still-commonly condemned sexual orientation of being gay; a gay male making his way to the NFL.
Do you see how “this” could be a problem? Because, obviously, that person’s sexuality is going to rub off on the macho men of the NFL and the league will transform into a raging homosexual society, wearing their gay pride pinks and yellows and purples ever so relentlessly. Sounds a bit illogical, right?
Michael Sam, a 2013 Missouri grad and defensive lineman for the Tigers, recently went public with his sexual orientation. Sam participated in the NFL scouting combine and will be drafted in the early rounds according to sports analysts.
However, critics claim his recent coming out will change that prediction and ultimately, the franchise of whichever team he plays for next.
Sam said it himself, it’s 2014 people! Let’s get our heads out of a certain dark place and move forward.
A few NFL players and coaches voiced their fears of discomfort in the team locker rooms because of Sam’s orientation. However, I applaud Sam for being comfortable enough in his own skin not to give a damn. It is those players wrapped fearfully in their towels tip-towing around the locker room that may have some self-evaluating to do.
Sam, before coming out quite publicly, did so quietly last year to his Missouri teammates. The men showed their respect by keeping Sam’s personal life under wraps until he was ready for the world to know. His brothers and teammates not only accepted their friend, but fully supported him.
They showed that support by voting Sam most valuable player.
The National Football League is known for its macho mentality, one that includes bravery and strength. Sam, who is 6-foot-3 and weighs in at 260, exceptionally represents the purest form of bravery I’ve seen in the sport. To willingly leave himself open to torment and discrimination for his passion of the game, is truly inspiring. I hope his experience will be a positive one and encourage worldwide acceptance of the gay community.
Michael Sam courageously took the first step in redefining sports as we know them. With an almost certain draft pick in his near future, Sam will be the first openly gay active player in the NFL.
Confident his admittance will open the doors for other closeted athletes, Sam states, “I may be the first, but I won’t be the last.”