Ef goes ’round town: fiending for Frank’s

After a late night out with friends in downtown, a meal is a must. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a spot that is still open at 1 a.m. and many times, fast food restaurants just don’t cut it.
Whether I’m leaving a concert at House of Blues, or a Rockets game at the Toyota center, Frank’s Pizza is my “go to” spot.
It’s past midnight. I’m hungry, and I don’t want to end my night just yet. I always suggest Frank’s Pizza. There’s something about pizza late at night at a joint like this that reminds me of New York City pizzerias. It’s never empty, and there’s always a wave of people showing up from different events around town.
Police working the late night shift, sports fans showing up after a basketball game, or people showing up after a show are just a few examples of the many different customers that show up to Franks Pizza.
San Jacinto College student Jessica Cruz is a fan of Frank’s.
“I love Frank’s because it’s right near all the venues in downtown. I love going after concerts.” Cruz said. “I’ve never been to New York, but it reminds me of what a New York Pizzeria would look like.”
At Frank’s, you can dine-in or order To Go. They also deliver around the downtown area. Frank’s offers a choice between single slices or whole pizzas.
My personal favorite is the Scrumptious Supreme. It’s loaded with pepperoni, hamburger, sausage, green peppers, tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms and onions, and to drink, I’ll order a root beer. Root beer is always a must for me.
If you’re dining in, I recommend you go upstairs to a booth where it’s roomier. Avoid eating downstairs where there is always a herd of customers rushing in after an event.
Frank’s Pizza is located in 417 Travis St. They’re open every day.
If you don’t want to end your night on an empty stomach, make sure Frank’s Pizza is your final destination before heading home after a night on the town this weekend. The pizza is delicious, the service is fast, the prices are reasonable, and it keeps you right in the heart of the city.