Jazz group to host concert at Central

The San Jacinto College Central Campus Jazz Ensemble will host their first concert of the semester Thursday, March 20.
Eric Late, Jazz Ensemble director and Music and Audio Engineering Department Chairman said the twenty-member ensemble rehearses twice a week in preparation for the concert.
“The end result is completely up to the students. They need to prepare and perform the music,” Late said. “Each member of the ensemble has an important role to play as there is no way to ‘hide’ in an ensemble of this type. Each student has an individual part which must blend into the final presentation.”
In addition, electric guitarist and music major Adrian Loftin said ensemble members work every day outside of rehearsal.
“Everyone is focused, in high spirits, and looking forward the concert,” Loftin said. “We try to practice together, in small groups, as much as possible.”
Late said he hopes students will improve performance skills and gain an understanding of different jazz styles from the show.
“Every concert offers more experience, and you can’t have enough of that,” Loftin said. “Becoming comfortable on stage in front of strangers, and peers even, is an invaluable trait to learn. I enjoy playing music in groups, and this is a well prepared group.”
The concert offers attendees an enjoyable evening of listening to wonderful music performed by very talented student musicians, Late said.
“I hope [attendees] walk away feeling the depth and intensity that the music is attempting to convey,” Loftin said. “I hope they think of some of the things that we think of when we’re playing it.”
Late said the program will include seven to eight pieces.
“All of the music features the traditional Big Band, saxophone section, trombone section, trumpet section and rhythm section consisting of piano/bass/drums and guitar,” Late said.
Meanwhile, Loftin said that his favorite piece is “Nefarious Times We Live In,” by Brian Gaber.
“It’s dark, complicated, and possesses interesting textures,” Loftin said. “It’s a challenging tune. Each section has varying colors and moods… responsible for adding to the piece.”
As a director, Late provides a knowledgeable, communicative, and motivating presence, Loftin said.
“Everyone is happy to work for him,” Loftin said. “It’s easy to work for someone that works hard and is enthusiastic about teaching us.”
The concert is open to the public and will take place at 7 p.m. in Corbin Hall located in the Dr. Monte Blue Music Building. There is no charge for admission.