Saakumu Dance Troupe comes to San Jacinto College

The Saakumu Dance Troupe will perform traditional and contemporary dances at San Jacinto College North Campus as part of the campus’s tribute to Black History Month.


The Troupe hails from Ghana, West Africa and is dedicated to introducing audiences to traditional and contemporary African dance and music.


Student Life Coordinator Karyn Jones said this is the Troupe’s first appearance at the College.


“The Saakumu Dance Troupe will be an event to see.” Jones said. “Each year in February, the Student Life Committee brings a variety of events so this event will be a new event this year.”


According to, the award-winning ensemble performs across the United States by invitation as part of Black History Month celebrations. They also perform throughout Ghana and across the West African sub-region.


North campus Event Coordinator Charlotte Jackson said the creative arts are very important in the context of Black History.


“In order to celebrate Black History Month,” Jackson said, “we have to look at the wide variety of history that comes from many areas such as dance, music and literature have all played a huge part in shaping the African American culture.”


“Erin Lewis, Coordinator of Student Life at North campus, presents options to the committee so that we as a team, can bring a variety of events in February to help our students, employees, and community appreciate the history,” Jackson said.


The Saakumu Dance Troupe will perform at North campus Thursday, Feb. 20 in the Monument Room of the Student Center at 11:30 a.m. They will also perform at Central campus Wednesday, Feb. 19 Wednesday in the Student Center at 11:30 a.m.