Black History Month: San Jacinto College pays tribute

North campus panel asks, ‘Are the struggles the same?’

San Jacinto College North Campus’s Men of Honor group will sponsor a student panel to discuss racial discrimination of the Civil Rights Movement and how it impacts male minority students today.

The panel will discuss the question “Are the Struggles the Same?”

“ We decided that a panel discussion made up of students discussing their view of racial discrimination today might be interesting and provide for a lively discussion,” Ronald Hopkins, Director of Men of Honor said. He further added the main goal of the panel is to get students thinking about how things have changed, or remained the same.

According to Mr. Hopkins, Men of Honor was founded by faculty, staff and administrators to increase retention, instill persistence, and motivate men of color to graduate while supporting the mission and values of the San Jacinto College District.

“We help them try to understand,” Hopkins said, “how study skills and time and personal management is important in order to have success in college. We also help them understand issues related to money management, manners and etiquette and dressing for success just to name a few.”

Additionally, Hopkins said students benefit from mentoring relationships with deans, professors, advisors and staff throughout all of the campuses.

North campus professor Dr. Lamar McWaine said, “I consider it an honor to be in a position to be able to serve as a mentor. I didn’t know anything about college when I started, but I was fortunate to find mentors on campus that provided sound advice and would make strong suggestions if they saw me doing something that I could do better.”

The panel will meet Feb. 17 at 11:30 a.m. at the Welcome Center on the North campus.