Keili’s Korner: Knocked-up Norwood

Turmoil surrounds the Texans’ turf, and no I’m not referring to their 2-14 train wreck of a season.

This Houston havoc involves a busty blonde claiming to have an All-Star’s bun in the oven.

Brittany Norwood, 20, of Houston broke the news to TMZ reps of her pregnancy with Texans’ running back, Arian Foster. Mind you, Foster is married with two kids.

Shocking, I know.

Norwood further claimed Foster and his brother pressured her into aborting the pregnancy. Her attorney filed a restraining order against both brothers, as well as a civil suit for monetary damages (for the emotional distress of carrying the baby of an NFL superstar, I would assume).

In a titillating twist, audio clips released to the press feature a phone conversation between the two in which Norwood tells Foster she never made the above accusations.

To curve it right back, the beaming baby mama and her mother spoke with KHOU after the audio was released. They both stood by the initial story claiming Foster pressured Norwood for an abortion.

Due to the questionable variations of Ms. Norwood’s story, critics are calling her behavior an attempt to make Foster her meal ticket.

“I feel as though she may have been trying to get pregnant. Am I allowed to say that on the air?” a skeptical Sports Radio 610 listener said during a call-in show.

After a photo of Norwood in a gold digger Halloween costume went public, Houstonians jumped to take the side of their beloved running back.

Foster is not denying the child is his, but it is rumored he is preparing a countersuit against Norwood for defaming his name in a quest for money.

Although in the public’s view, the baby mama beauty seems to be in this for the cash, she claims it was love that brought the couple together.

Whether it was a sought-out scheme, an act of true love, or simply an accident, Foster should have respected his marriage and furthermore, he should have expected there would be consequences.

With any luck, the two will get their heads on, and their stories, straight, and a baby Foster boy will enter this world under peaceful circumstances; as we all hope (yeah right, we love the juice).

The former lovers are scheduled to meet in court Feb. 24 to discuss Norwood’s civil suit, but until then, the judge has ordered the pair to refrain from seeing each other.