Ef goes ’round town: Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack


Hellen Papadacos

The deceiving shack sits quietly among Galleria high-rises.

Recommending a new place to eat is always a difficult thing to do, but not when recommending a place like Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack.

Despite the fact that it’s a hole in the wall that gets no respect from the City (judging by the number of highways built around it), nothing has stopped Bubba’s from staying in business. This diamond in the rough is a local favorite that never seems to disappoint.

Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack is famous for their buffalo meat burgers. They have served buffalo burgers for over 25 years and were once the only place in Houston selling buffalo meat. It’s one of the few places still selling buffalo burgers, but it’s the best out of all the others.

The buffalo burger at Bubba’s is hands down the juiciest burger I’ve ever had. When my friend told me about it, he not only recommended it – he vehemently vouched for it. He swore on his life. He bet everything he had that that burger, was the most delicious thing he has ever eaten.

After trying it, I must say I vouch for it, as well. This burger did not disappoint from the first bite to the last. Since my first visit, I have upped my dosage to the double buffalo.

Buffalo meat is not only delicious, but it’s also nutritious. Buffalo is leaner than turkey and chicken. Compared to beef, it has 70% less fat, 50% fewer calories, 50% less cholesterol, and 30% more protein.

Also, according to Bubba’s Burger Shack website, their buffalo meat is 100% natural meaning – grass-fed and not injected with any man-made chemicals or additives. It’s a good place for all the muscle bulkers trying to get their protein intake.

Although it’s the best burger in the city, it’s not pricey at all. It’s affordable for any college student barely getting by. A buffalo burger, a drink, and a bag of chips will run you about $10. It beats Jack in the Box’s munchie meal, and you don’t have to wait until 9 pm to buy it.

If you’re not quite ready to try the buffalo burger, there are other great items on the menu like the quarter pound hot dog, regular cheeseburgers, chiliburgers, buffalo steak sandwiches and more.

There’s not much to see when you pull up to it; just a toll road, a freeway, and a bunch of cars driving past you. It’s hard not to be judgmental when you first drive into the parking lot, but the food speaks for itself.

I kind of enjoy sitting outside and watching the cars drive by. Most of them probably don’t know what they’re missing.