Yoga pants trending on campus

Yoga pants seem to be in style! All around San Jacinto College, it looks as they are the hot thing to wear during any season.


Is this a trend, or do all these people really take yoga classes?


I scoured the Central campus to figure out why students, and even faculty, wear these pants everywhere and all the time.


Central campus yoga professor Dr. Patti J. Pierce stressed the fact that it is very important to wear the correct clothing when actually taking a yoga class.


“Yoga postures require bending, twisting, reaching, stretching, lengthening, opening in all directions. It is imperative to have complete confidence in your clothing during all this activity,” Pierce said.


Likewise, fellow student Jacie Pullig said yoga pants are a must when taking the class.


“Yoga pants are great for the class,” Pullig said, “because it allows you to move in all directions without worrying about pulling your pants up or adjusting your clothes while you’re trying to work out. No one wants to be constantly paranoid about their clothes moving in the wrong direction.”


San Jac student LaPortia Hall said she didn’t try yoga pants until recently, but she can now see their value.


“I love yoga, but when you have to pull up and move your pants around during the class, it not only slows you down it distracts you. After my first few days in my new yoga pants I could really focus and be more at ease,” Hall said.


Fellow yoga student Illian Garcia said yoga pants are almost all she wears – even when she’s not in class.


“I have been wearing yoga pants for a while now even before the class. It’s plain and simple. They are comfortable and very mobile no matter what workout you are doing,” Garcia said.


Similarly, Pierce agreed they are popular because of the pure comfort.


“Many Americans find yoga pants to be quite comfortable for everyday wear as well….even if they are not participating in yoga,” Pierce said.


Student Darian Reddington said she wears yoga pants to school because they are comfortable, but are a step up from pajamas.


“I never like getting ready for school, so yoga pants allow me to at least look somewhat cute without trying hard. It also doesn’t hurt that they are super comfy,” Reddington said.


Student and yoga pant skeptic Lauren Thomas said she doesn’t wear yoga pants, but she won’t rule them out either.


“I never really thought I should wear them. They are not my style, but I might give them a try because I am one of those people always moving my pants up and down,” Thomas said.


So, everyone has their own take on yoga pants, and it’s probably a good idea to wear them if you are actually taking a yoga class.


If you happen to look down and you are one of the many wearing yoga pants, you are definitely on trend at San Jac.