NFL season finishes; flag football begins

Flag football season, sponsored by the Campus Recreation (Rec) Department at San Jacinto College Central Campus, is finally here.

Campus Rec Director and Physical Education Instructor, Butch Sutton along with Staff Assistant Mary Shelley oversee Flag Football.

“Flag football is a very popular event,” Sutton said, “that has students always asking about it. It has been around the central campus for 34 years.”

Similarly, Shelley said she is happy to see the start of a new season.

“Pretty much every semester,” Shelley said, “every event that we have is pretty exciting to be a part of because you never know what kind of student is going to walk through the door, or what kind of day it’s going to be.”

Meanwhile, Sutton said in addition to offering fun, flag football serves students in other ways.

“You need an outlet from work and study,” Sutton said. ”You’ve got mental stress, emotional stress, and physical stress with school, work, and jobs. This is a great outlet for not only stress but healthy life styles.”

Along with flag football, Campus Rec offers activities ranging from volleyball to kickball. The only requirement for participating in any activity is registering on the Campus Rec website

Games are held every Monday at 3:00 p.m. from now until March 3.