Dell to Apple: Prof weighs in

Apple computers are popular among consumers, but that’s not the case at San Jacinto College.

San Jac uses Apple products in certain classes, but the majority of the College’s computers are

Dell computers.

Central campus technology professor Mike Kent said he thinks San Jac will not make a move to

Apple computers.

“I anticipate that we will stay windows based, and that’s just because of the majority of the

computers in industry and in business are windows machines. So the reality is that windows

(have) the dominant share of the market space.” Kent said.

However, Kent said there is a need for Apple products in select areas of the College.

“I think when a department can justify a need for (an) Apple machine, such as the art department

uses them, and journalism uses them because the best desktop publishing software is on

Apple,” he said.

“The journalism department can argue and say that we need Macintosh’s because if you

are doing desktop publishing in industry, you’re going to be doing it on a Macintosh. So, we

need to be teaching our students on the type of equipment their actually going to be using. In the

art department, that’s very much true as well,” Kent said.

In contrast, his students would be at a disadvantage if they are restricted to working solely with

Apple computers, he said.

“I need to teach people to repair computers. Most of the computers being repaired are not Apple

computers. If I’m only teaching (them) to repair only Apple computers, I’m not preparing them

to go into the world,” Kent said.

Although Kent said Apple computers are superior in overall quality, Dell is a better purchase for


“I believe that the Macintosh is a better computer,” Kent said, “I think its got a better operating

system, fabulous quality control, (and) very good design…It’s (Dell) a better buy money-wise,

and for a majority of what people need.”

Central campus history professor Yvonne Frear said she would love for San Jac to move to a

more Apple-friendly environment, but she doubts that will happen.

“I do not believe that the campus will want to replace all the Dell computers,” she said, “The cost

exceeds the benefits to the users. I personally prefer the Apple computing system, especially its