Ethnography book current discussion topic for SJC club

The Sociology and Anthropology Club of San Jacinto College Central Campus will gather at 3 p.m. every Thursday in the lounge area of the William C. Frels Science Building near room 218 for an open discussion of the book “Labor and Legality: An Ethnography of a Mexican Immigrant Network.”

Last year, the Club started sponsoring meetings called Read a Real Book. The club’s co-advisors, Professor Tina Mougouris of Sociology and Professor Pamela Maack of Anthropology, picked a book that became the subject of discussions during the course of the semester.

Maack said, “This year we did decide to do immigration as a theme. We thought it was a hot topic. Our next book is also on migrant workers.”

Discussion topics generated from the readings include the experience of illegally crossing the border into the United States, how businesses benefit from undocumented workers, and where the money they earn goes.

At the meetings, passages from the book are read aloud, followed by a discussion of the material..

Student Lacy Padron read, ‘Lalo has managed to maintain a close relationship with his wife and two boys in Mexico in spite of long periodic absences to work in the U.S. The money that he has sent back over the years has mainly been invested in expanding their home in Leon.’

After reading the passage, students shared their thoughts and personal stories. A student who asked to remain anonymous said, “I know someone who has worked here for about eight years and sends all their money back home to his family so that they can have a home.”

Discussions are open to any student who would like to walk in and participate. Maack said that if a student does not have access to the book, the library has available copies.

“The library is really nice and they buy us some copies….The copies they buy, the student can check out for a few weeks.”