Christy Keith goes form San Jac student to employee

A student eventually becoming the teacher is not only an entertaining story from a Hollywood movie, but a true story for one of San Jacinto College’s own.

Christy Keith, the newly-appointed Director of the Student Success Center at Central campus, can describe life as a San Jac student, because she lived it.

Keith began her journey in 2007 as a dual credit student. In just a few years, she went from student, to teacher and Director.

“I love to learn, I love to take classes, I love the first day, I love the new supplies… I’ve just always liked school,” Keith said.

She began taking basic courses at San Jac while in high school. After graduating, she enrolled at University of Houston – Clear Lake (UHCL), but continued to take classes at San Jac.

While attending both campuses, Keith received numerous scholarships from different organizations, including San Jac’s Math Department and the National Science Foundation Scholars Program.

Keith underlined the importance of staying aware of on-campus activities by way of flyers and school email.

“Definitely read the flyers and check student email… I had already transferred to my University, but I was still taking classes here so I was still a student. But I never checked my student email…I almost missed the fact that I had received a scholarship because I didn’t check my student email,” Keith said.

In August 2011, Keith became a tutor in the Math and Science Resource Center, and by October 2012, she was the Center’s supervisor.

She graduated from UHCL with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics but considers her last semester of college one of the most challenging parts of her course to success.

“Honestly, my last semester was hard. I was taking a couple of theoretical math courses and working full time… just getting through that semester was difficult. I didn’t get to see my family a lot , and I never got to see my friends…I was under a lot of pressure. It was it not easy,” Keith said.

Keith said facing those hard times made her accomplishment more fulfilling.

“Getting through that, and being successful in those courses, and getting my degree at the end of that semester was my greatest achievement,” Keith said.

In her current position, she said she understands the needs of her students.

“Tutoring, you get feedback directly from the student. So I know what the students are going in there for. I know what they need,” Keith said.


“I’ve always wanted to teach. I really like the fact that I can have a job where I can run the tutoring centers and kind of have the administration end of things and also teach at the same time. It’s a great mix… the most exciting of any job I’ve ever held.”

Keith attributes her success to her family’s support and her drive to attain more knowledge.

“My mother was very supportive. My husband was very supportive, and knowing that when I was done I would have a degree, and I have that knowledge… and I’m not a quitter , so I knew I couldn’t quit, that’s why stayed motivated,” Keith said.

She said she doesn’t consider herself a success story, but humbly accepts the title.

“It’s actually very flattering. I just did what I had to do. That’s what everyone’s doing. I was really just trying to get through it like everybody else. I know I was successful in my degree completion, but I never considered myself a success story,” she said.

Mary Blair, Keith’s colleague in the math department, said, “(Christy) is a great example of what can happen… and (I) feel that she deserves the recognition.”

“She a very sweet young lady and really works very hard…,” Blair said. “If there ever was a perfect example of student success, Christy is it.”