LA music guru come to Central


Photo courtesy of David Eaton

Producer David Eaton engineers magic in the studio.

Los Angeles-based recording engineer and producer David Eaton shared his perspective on the music recording process during a lecture Oct. 25 at the Corbin Recital Hall at San Jacinto College Central Campus.

The lecture, entitled “Making Magic in the Recording Studio,” was hosted by Central campus’s Music and Audio Engineering Department.

Audio Engineer instructor, and Eaton’s former assistant, Angela Beyer expressed her excitement after the lecture.

“Mr. Eaton always is a popular guest lecturer among the students, and he definitely didn’t disappoint this time,” Beyer said.

Eaton has more than 30 years of musical experience and over time, has earned the titles of teacher, drummer, songwriter, producer, and engineer. Eaton used skills he learned in the field to help San Jac students enhance their own recording techniques.

“The primary goals were to explain to the audience what a record producer does, and how a record producer ‘makes magic’ in the recording studio,” Beyer said. “Mr. Eaton used a mixture of science, anecdotes, audio-visual examples and live demonstrations to meet his objectives.”

Eaton not only spoke about the methods used in the studio, but included some of his personal experiences to clarify his message.

“I always enjoy listening to the audio examples, especially the ones I worked on when I was his assistant, and hearing Mr. Eaton’s stories about working in legendary Los Angeles recording studios,” Beyer said.

Eaton’s words were a large part of his demonstration for students, but he did not rely solely on his lecture. Eaton supported his explanations with hands-on examples and audience participation.

“Audience participation was great. Two students volunteered to be ‘produced’ on stage,” Beyer said.

In addition to Eaton being knowledgeable, his personality makes him a good candidate to speak to San Jac students.

Beyer and Eaton worked together in the past with Beyer serving as Eaton’s former second engineer and production assistant.

“He’s very charismatic speaker…He is very personable and friendly, so he’s not going to intimidate anybody. He’s very easy to ask questions,” Beyer said.

“The event was definitely a success,”she said. “The students and faculty… all really enjoyed hearing his perspective.”