San Jac students round bases to kick cancer


Alexis Davlin San Jacinto Times

Hannah Hoffman pitches to Mary Shelly during the kickball game.

Campus Recreation and First Year Experience (FYE) teamed up to organize kickball games for students and faculty Oct. 7 at San Jacinto College Central Campus as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The event featured free gifts and beverages, along with the games, in an effort to gather students and faculty and show the importance of knowledge in battling the disease.

The event organizer, physical education professor Mary Shelly, said she loves sports, but also wants to do anything she can to help others be aware of things affecting their lives. She said she decided to put those interests together.

“The reason for this event was to not only get students and faculty together, but to really make sure that people know to protect themselves, be aware of their own body, and to inform others. Most people don’t find out early enough,” Shelly said.

Athena Henderson works for FYE which contributed the free prizes and decorations to the event.

“I couldn’t help but be a part of this! I thought it was a fun idea to get a bunch of pink notebooks, pencils, stickers and other prizes that I know girls love, and it showed off the beautiful ribbon for breast cancer awareness month,” Henderson said.

Students and faculty joined in when they caught sight of all the pink decorations and the people gathering to play kickball.

“I could hear the shouting from other students, so my boyfriend and I ran over to see what was going on. We are both sport fanatics and loved that it was supporting breast cancer. So we had to join,” student Marrissa Sluss said.

Johnaton Ortiz is part of Campus Rec and said he decided to help out for fun.

“I couldn’t wait to play some kickball especially for a good cause. I even made the shirts that we wore during the games.” Ortiz said.

Fellow Campus Rec assistant Hannah Hoffman said she was also excited about participating.

“I couldn’t wait to do this event with my friends and being able to gather others students and faculty made it even more fun. I think it’s really important when you are in college to make friends, and it’s for a good cause,” Hoffman said.

Student and event participant Alexa Gomez said the event went very well and students really enjoyed getting together for a cause.

“I really wish we could have more events like this,” Gomez said,” I had a blast and it was nice to see so many students having fun together. Its so hard getting to know people, and this makes it so much easier.”