San Jac soccer pulls in powerhouse players


SJCD Marketing Department

Forward Sito Seoane (11) fends off a Ranger College defender to control the ball.

All three campuses of San Jacinto College feature outstanding athletes on their team rosters, and South campus is no exception. The sixth ranked Coyotes soccer team boasts talent from different parts of the world.

Head Coach Ian Spooner said the guys he brings in are key to his success. He has five international players on his squad right now, three from Spain and two from Brazil. Both nations are considered powerhouses when it comes to soccer, and these players are a reflection of that sentiment.

“International recruiting is a big part of having a successful program. Players here are great players, but haven’t been exposed to the competition level that the players overseas have been (exposed to),” Spooner said.

“Most of the time, over there, you are playing against future pros and high levels of competition. It’s not the same in the States. Most people here play soccer for fun and don’t really think about pursuing it as a career. And if they do, most the time they go somewhere else to play,” Spooner said.

Spain and Brazil have strong ties to the game encouraging young children to play in the hopes that one day, they may play for club teams; or even achieve the ultimate dream of playing for their national team at FIFA World Cup.

The Coyotes started this season strong with a 7-1 record and 3-1 in conference earning a top ten ranking in the national polls. Year after year, San Jac lands toward the top of the polls with steady play by each team.  Their best finish came in 2008 as the national runner up.

The team has a strong presence on the national stage by continuing to bring in top talent to replace the players that leave. Adding players from around the world is a big boost for this team that has big aspirations for this season.

In spite of cultural differences, Coyotes forward Sito Seoane said the team works very well together.

“I believe that we have a really solid team with a great connection. We all blend together well and compliment each other in a way that makes the team run smoothly and efficiently,” Seoane said.