CPD Offers Cancer Survivors After-Treatment Support


Courtesy of Burst

Active Living after Cancer is a free program aimed at improving the lives of cancer survivors and their caretakers.

Fighting cancer is a daunting challenge, and once treatment is over, survivors and caregivers continue to struggle with long-lingering side effects and risk of recurrence.

On the San Jacinto College Central Campus, the office of Continuing Education and Professional Development (CPD), along with MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Kelsey Research Foundation, is offering Active Living after Cancer, a free program aimed at improving the lives of cancer survivors.

According to a program flyer, “Survivors who follow healthy habits after diagnosis can reduce their risk of cancer recurrence, reduce fatigue and stress, and improve strength.” Moreover, participants can learn about improving their health and finding available resources while garnering support from other cancer survivors.

Luz Pena, a certified community health coordinator for Kelsey Research Foundation, said the innovative program is meant to “set survivors to full recovery after treatment.”

“San Jac is also the first school with this kind of program for cancer survivors,” she added.

Likewise, Health Indicator of the Kelsey Research Foundation, Carolina Moreno, said the program aims to provide knowledge to those who lack the information needed to keep the illness in remission.

“Our goal is to bring awareness to cancer survivors,” Moreno said, “and that healthy living and physical activity that will lower chances of a cancer recurrence.”

The program begins on March 17, offering twelve weekly sessions. To attend, survivors must have a previous diagnosis of cancer and should not be receiving chemotherapy at that time. 

Meanwhile, the program is also open to caregivers, who may attend in the company of a survivor. Moreno said attendance is beneficial to both parties in finding solutions to the residual challenges of post-treatment living. She offered lingering exhaustion as an example.

“Fatigue can last for five years as a side effect,” Moreno said, “and the only way to fight it is through exercise.”

Active Living after Cancer sessions take place from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. beginning March 17 in Room 108 of the Interactive Learning Center (C1) on the Central Campus. Further information is available at (713) 442-1216 or (713) 442-1252.

***Update: San Jacinto College has suspended all on-campus events and activities until further notice.***