Symposium Explores New Research, ‘Interesting Academic Topics’


Courtesy of Pixabay

The faculty-led sessions range from neurodegenerative diseases and environmental justice to a discussion of the Nazi youth propaganda featured in the film ‘Jojo Rabbit.’

The Symposium Committee of San Jacinto College Central Campus is hosting the 2020 Symposium on Feb. 26-27, a two-day event featuring an array of presentations, discussions, workshops, debates, and demonstrations.

The faculty-led sessions range in topics from neurodegenerative diseases and environmental justice to a discussion of the Nazi youth propaganda featured in the film “Jojo Rabbit.”

Central Campus History Professor Bret Nelson organized the Black History Month Poster Exhibition to spotlight the research conducted by students enrolled in U.S. History courses.

“I hope that students will learn more about Black History and will also see the quality of work our students do on projects like this one,” Nelson said.

Moreover, in his view, participating in the Symposium benefits both students and faculty.  

“The goal has been to have employees and students present and learn the way they would at a conference,” Nelson added.

The Symposium Committee accepted proposals until the end of January. According to the submission guidelines, the presentations are required to have a scholarly basis, but the occasion also offers faculty an opportunity to showcase their programs, share the latest research, and explore interesting academic topics.

Multiple presentations will run simultaneously, coinciding with the College’s class schedule so students, faculty, and staff can attend during free periods.    

Modern Languages Professor Yesenia Chavez, who is presenting The Hidden Powers of Hispanic Bilinguals in the USA, said she developed her presentation to “enrich the students” about opportunities available to speakers of both English and Spanish.

Meanwhile, she encourages the entire College community to get involved in hopes of expanding the scale of the event. Chavez added she would like “to see more presentations, more students participating, and more public participating.”

The Symposium takes place from 8:35 a.m. until 1:20 p.m. on Feb. 26-27 in multiple locations on the Central Campus. It is open to the public and free of charge. Further information is available at