Chapa’s Tips to Perfect Parking

Parking…parking. It’s a concern at any college.

The parking spaces close to the building are the ones everyone wants. However, the spaces up front are usually taken by students who have classes early in the morning.

Here is some parking advice for new students attending San Jacinto.

Students arriving later in the morning are stuck parking far back from their building.  I can relate because I do not always have classes early in the morning and have no choice, but to park in the middle of nowhere.

You can always come to school early to get a good parking spot, even if your class starts at a later time. Since there may be several minutes or even hours before your first class, you can use the time wisely. What I would do is go to the library and catch up on any homework assignments or review my in-class notes for upcoming exams or quizzes.

If by any chance you do not have any homework or exams to study for, there are other things to do before class. For example, the Student Center has a bookstore with a Starbucks inside. Grab yourself a cappuccino and relax and listen to some tunes while waiting on your next class to start.

Now, for students who can’t arrive early, here’s another tip for dealing with parking trouble. Time your walk to class.  If your class starts at 10:10 a.m., time your walk to your class, so you can decide how early you have to arrive. Even if you park in the far back of the parking lot, it will take at least 2-4 minutes to get to the building. So, strategize by adding how long it would take to get to the building and how long it will take to get to your classroom when you get inside. Once you apply these tips, you can get to class on time and not miss any of the professor’s lectures. Trust me, these tips will help you either get a good parking spot, or at the very least, arrive to class on time.