Houston Texans Hype Hits San Jacinto College


Alexis Davlin San Jacinto Times

Brianna Franco (L) and Daniel Teavera proudly sport their favorite teams gear.

Red, blue, white!  Flags, jerseys, banners!  Chants, tailgates, crowds!  Footballs, field goals, fans!

Fan fare for the Houston Texans around San Jacinto College after winning games is explosive. However, there is also the unthinkable question, “What if they go on a losing streak?” As of press time, the Houston Texans were demolished by the Baltimore Ravens, which may affect their fan base. This could just end up as another – fair weather, bandwagon, tailgating every Sunday until we go back to the Dallas Cowboys – type of season.

No one ever admits they are not true fans when they are wearing their team jerseys. With every winning game, the Texans gain another fan.

The fan base at San Jacinto College grew over the past two seasons.  The growth of the fan base raises concern about “bandwagoners” for true fans that loved the team through thick and thin. True Houston Texans fans wear their jerseys and fly the teams flag high all season long, whether there’s a loss or a win.

“I am a Texans fan every day all day. I don’t just wear my jersey after they win. I wear it all season long. They’re bandwagons all over this campus!” student Brittany Harris said.

In contrast, other students feel there is no need to wear Texans gear everyday to be a true fan.

“Everyone loves the Houston Texans. Not all of us are bandwagons. Just because you don’t see jerseys all week doesn’t mean they aren’t around. If you are from Houston and don’t have a favorite team, you should choose your home town,” student Katie Rosinke said.

There really is no defined line between the “true” Texans fans and the bandwagoners.

“As long as we have fans, bandwagons or not, the Houston Texans will always have support!” student Marissa said, “Tell me how you can prove what team does or does not have bandwagons.”