C-Rod Shares What C-Rod Thinks: retail realm riddled with relentless rocky road

It’s hard going to college, let alone working at the same time. This is a double jeopardy situation a lot of college students are faced with. I’m not saying my job is hard compared to others, but I have room for my share of gripes and complaints. The job isn’t hard, but dealing with the people who supply my paycheck is.

I work at JC Penney (JCP), a retailer who recently underwent dramatic changes in its pricing and sale structure, which did not resonate well with consumers. During the transitional phase, I applied to work with JCP and got a job in the “home” department. My duties in that department were to assist customers and bring merchandise out onto the floor.

What I really did was direct tumbleweeds to the restrooms and did the important task of putting scented candles in uniform lines and rows. Doing these tasks did not sit well with me. Perhaps, I needed more of a challenge. JCP answered my call and I left the “home” department and was sent to the front as a cashier.

As a cashier at JCP, my duties were to return merchandise, ring people up, and provide exceptional customer service. It sounds like an easy job; but compared to some others, it isn’t.

Dealing with people is never easy. There are rules and certain policies that have to take place and customers don’t understand that part of my job.

Customers try to hustle coupons out of me when I don’t have any, or I can’t give them out.

In those situations, customers will compare JCP to Kohl’s or Macy’s saying they give coupons, and smother me with threats that they’re going to shop with our competitors.

That part of my job irritates me. If you’re going to threaten to shop at another store, go for it and don’t stay at JCP.

Product selection availability is another reason why customers hurt me. Several shoppers will approach me asking if a certain size is available. Most people are okay with me not having a size. However, there are always those customers who blame everyone but himself or herself. A customer’s response for that is usually, “they had it yesterday when I came here” or “check again, I don’t think you checked hard enough.” I try to calm them with a coupon and they usually bite. I am able to make peace with my enemies.

I take the blame for making some customers dislike me. Oh well, haters make me famous.

This is just a quick view of my job. I realize there are harder jobs that are more complaint-worthy, but that doesn’t give me a reason to not complain. I just leave every college student reading this article with this to think about, you’re going to school to get out of the job you’re in now.

Think about that. That’s what I’m thinking; and also Arby’s.