Chapa’s tips to a bright career

One thing to always remember, no one is perfect. Especially when it comes to knowing what

career to pursue.


Picking a career path is not the easy for everyone, but for a lucky few it is.


Now, I am speaking to students who may be feeling pressure about deciding what career they

want in life. I’ve been at San Jacinto College since Fall 2010, and I have encountered many

students that do not know what career path to choose. So, don’t be afraid. You’re not the only

one who’s faced a challenge like this.


What I can do to relieve some pressure is give some helpful advice to help you decide.

First, an easy method to help find a career is to look at your hobbies. Evaluating the hobbies that

interest you may help lead to a career you‘ll enjoy in the long run.


It is very possible to have more than one interest you’re good at, so take time to research each as

a job opportunity and find out what is required for that career. If that doesn’t work, you can

take a career exam to find out what might be a good fit.


I found a career path that suited me through trial and error. Before I started college, I wanted to

get into graphic design. As the semesters at San Jac went by, I started to realize that

graphic design was not for me, and I needed to find something I felt more comfortable with.

Before transferring to the University of Houston Clear Lake, I had to be sure what career I would



After realizing graphic design was not for me, I soon discovered communications. After reading

up on what Communications was about, and taking elective courses in newspaper writing, mass

communications, and photography, I was confident that this should be my career in life. So, use

your time wisely at San Jac. Your future isn’t too far away.