Presentation Prepares Future Leaders for Work Force


Courtesy of Pixabay

Leadership in the Workplace is part of Emerging Leaders, a series of workshops aimed at educating students on how to conduct themselves in professional environments.

A collaboration between the offices of Student Engagement and Activities (SEA) and Career Services is bringing a workshop titled Leadership in the Workplace to the three academic campuses of San Jacinto College to groom students for leadership roles in the workforce.

Central Campus SEA Specialist Amanda Garza, who is leading the workshop, said she hopes it gives students an idea of how corporate America works and educates students on how to conduct themselves in the workplace.

“Students will be better prepared for employment when they graduate from San Jac College,” Garza added.

Furthermore, Career Specialist Larissa Rios Cruz said the workshop examines how effective leaders approach different situations that arise in a professional environment.

“We also look at conflict resolution/problem solving and how to collaborate with others in the workplace,” she said.

Leadership in the Workplace is one in a series of workshops titled Emerging Leaders that the College offers to prepare future graduates for employment in a professional setting.

“It allows them to learn about the workplace and prepares them for some of the challenges they may face after graduation,” Cruz added.  

Also, she noted, students will reap the benefits in an uplifting environment while meeting new people who faced similar situations.  

“It is a fun and interactive way of learning how to navigate through the workplace,” Cruz said. “Also, it is a way of preparing students for what’s to come from people who have experienced it themselves.”

The Leadership in the Workplace workshops begin at 11 a.m. on April 18 in Room 113 of the Allied/Health Science building (S1) on the South Campus, April 23 in Room 208 of the Student Center (C14) on the Central Campus, and Room 104 of the Welcome Center (N6) on the North Campus.