Workshop Teaches Strategies to Deal with Difficult People


Courtesy of Pixabay

The presentation equips students with the skills needed to diffuse conflict in the workplace.

San Jacinto College North Campus is hosting a professional development workshop April 24 titled Dealing with Difficult People. The workshop, hosted by the office of Career Services, teaches participants conflict resolution skills that can benefit both their careers and personal relationships.

Central Campus Career Specialist Larissa Rios Cruz said the workshop provides attendees with workplace management techniques, as well as strategies to improve communication.

“Students will understand the different ways in which to communicate with those whom they find difficulties with in the workplace,” she said.

Rios Cruz explained that the workshop originated because Career Services recognized a need for students to learn to respond effectively in complex professional environments. Moreover, she added, students attending this event can expect to gain a broad range of skills “from navigating conversation, to conflict resolution, and dealing with a variety of backgrounds in their career path.”

Rios Cruz said the Career Services staff hopes the workshop will equip students with the appropriate tools needed to diffuse conflict and resolve difficult issues.

“Instead of reactively responding to a situation, this workshop teaches them how to do it in a respectful way while finding solutions,” she said.

Additionally, Rios Cruz said student employees, who attend workshops like Dealing with Difficult People, can earn points towards their Student Employee Training (SET) certificate.

To attend the workshop, Rios Cruz suggested students RSVP via QR code, email Career Services, or “just show up!”

“Students are always welcome,” she added, “to just come to the location of the workshop and participate.”

Dealing with Difficult People takes place on April 24 at 1:30 p.m. in Room 108 of the Welcome Center (N6) on the North Campus.