Career Services Hosts Dining Etiquette Luncheon


Courtesy of Pixabay

Student employees will learn guidelines for eating and conversing in a professional setting.

**This event was cancelled**

The office of Career Services on the San Jacinto College South Campus is hosting an Etiquette Luncheon April 30 to give student employees an opportunity to practice the fundamental rules of etiquette in a professional dining setting.

South Campus Career Services Coordinator Brittany Bonds said San Jac hosted etiquette luncheons regularly in the past but has not done so in quite some time. This year, she said, attendees should expect something a little more formal than a traditional luncheon where they can interact with the faculty and staff to “learn more about having professional conversations.”

In addition to providing a meal to every participant, Bonds said the event would feature a presentation on the general rules of etiquette, as well as information on other considerations when dining in a professional setting.

Kimberly Malone, a former manager at Sam’s Club, said knowing etiquette in the workplace is useful for both getting hired and career advancement.

Speaking from her decades of experience in managing people of all ages, Malone said of hiring new employees, “you always want the person to be respectful because they are going to represent you.”

Meanwhile, Bonds summarized the event’s goals as a two-tier objective.

“What we’d like students to get out of this event is learning how to network and navigate through professional dining situations, as well as general rules of etiquette when attending any function that may require a more formal dinner/event setting.”

**This event was cancelled**