More from Moore: Will Schuab deliver?

Each season for the last three years, the Houston Texans started the NFL season with high expectations. This year is no different. Unfortunately, the competition is.

Recently, the Texans were shining stars for the AFC with our smash mouth defense, disciplined zone blocking scheme, and devastating play action game. The only down side? The less-than-mobile Matt Schuab.

While Schuab is a serviceable quarterback, he lacks the mobility necessary to escape even simple pressure. He doesn’t have to be RG3 or Russell Wilson. All he needs, is to be able to escape a little pressure. In the words of Hall of Fame Head Coach Bill Walsh about his former quarterback Steve DeBerg, “He plays just good enough to get you beat.”

Schuab threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown by Richard Sherman with about two minutes left in the fourth quarter to tie the game.  The Texans were shocked in an overtime loss against the Seattle Seahawks. All this was caused by a blitz the Seahawks brought forcing Schaub to throw an irresponsible pass right into the hands of Sherman. This was his sixth interception of the year, three of which were returned for touchdowns.

The following week against the 49ers, Schuab was at it again throwing another interception that was returned for a touchdown. This gave him a new NFL record, four consecutive games with an interception returned for a touchdown.

Now, many quarterbacks go through rough patches. Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning did, or do. But, that’s acceptable because they have championship rings to offset the tough times. Schuab doesn’t have that luxury.

Schuab is a decent quarterback, but he is not the type that will pick up his team and carry them to a win like a Manning or Brady. Now, I’m not saying we need a reincarnation of a Hall of Famer, but someone that doesn’t have his feet stuck in concrete and can escape a simple blitz would be nice.

While the Texans defense is stout giving up just four touchdowns in weeks two, three and four, Schuab gave the opposition three by himself.

This Texans offense is no joke with talent everywhere you look. Running backs Arian Foster and Ben Tate run hard and thrive in the zone-blocking scheme. The offensive line, when healthy, is extremely reliable and is often referred to as one of the best in the NFL. And to top it all off, we have three solid receivers: future Hall of Fame wide-receiver Andre Johnson, sophomore Keyshawn Martin, and rookie DeAndre Hopkins.

Then there is the duo of tight ends, Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham that would be a safety blanket to any quarterback.

It seems like any other serious quarterback would thrive with such talent around him, but Schuab is finding ways to under achieve. So, with all this talent surrounding him, the question remains, ‘Why does Matt Schuab still come up small?’

One can only hope that somehow he will turn it around.  At the very least, maybe he will stop tripping over his own feet and get out of the way of his team.