Gallery Installation Commemorates Women’s History Month


Courtesy of JD Moore

‘I did not earn my freedom on my back’, a photograph by the exhibition’s featured artist Chesley Antoinette, is a recreation of a painting by French painter Marie Guihelmine Benoist (1768-1826).

They are wise, brave, and strong – yet they are fragile, gentle, and unsure. They are among us as leaders, wives, mothers, sisters, friends, and March is the time to celebrate them all.

In honor of Women’s History Month, the San Jacinto College Central Campus art gallery opened an exhibition March 20 titled This is Not a Whisper… featuring five female artists whose work highlights the female experience.

Carmen Champion, art history professor and gallery curator, said historically, women’s voices have been silenced but even today, female artists continue to struggle for equal recognition in the art world.

“In light of the recent #Metoo and Time’s Up movements, Women’s History Month provides an opportunity for women to continue to let their voices be heard, not in a silent whisper, but a loud ROAR,” she said.

The featured artists touch on themes related to beauty, desire, memory, mental illness, language, belief systems, power structures, and personal empowerment using multiple media formats including film, fiber arts, neon, digital media and print. Moreover, Champion said the lineup of artists along with the different media platforms provide a “unique glimpse” into what women are thinking and feeling.

“Art continues to be one of the most powerful forms of communication,” she said. “The few artists exhibited within the show can hopefully speak to a universal understanding of the female condition and in this, we all gain a better understanding of the self and our global world.”

This is not a Whisper… is on display until April 5 in the art gallery (Room 119) in the East Classroom Building (C4) on the Central Campus.