Reversing the Times jinx: will they go on a winning steak?

“What if they go on a losing streak?”

That was the question posed in the Sept. 30 issue of the San Jacinto Times in an article asking what would happen to the fanfare and support for the Houston Texans around San Jacinto College if the “unthinkable” happened and the team started to lose.

That prophetic question, unimaginable at the time, may have jinxed the Texans into the longest losing streak in franchise history.

The article looked at Texans fans in the context of “jumping on the bandwagon” and the fact that Texans shirts, hats, bags, cups, and flags were all over the College at the start of the season.

Now the team is on non-stop losing streak and Texans gear is quickly fading from sight.

However, not everyone is a fairweather fan ready to jump ship in times of trouble.

Student Daniel Teavera is a die-hard supporter who still speaks proudly of the team.

“I refuse to abandon my team like everyone else. Through thick and thin, I always stay,” Teavera said.

The season was off to a promising start given how well the Texans did last year. Since the season took a turn for the worst, it seems Texans pride took a turn, as well.

Student Celeste Bishop, a Dallas Cowboys fan, said many Texans fans materialize when the team is doing well.

“Houston Texans decorations, jerseys – all of the merchandise that can be purchased – are everywhere until they start losing. Cowboy fans are seen everywhere, no matter what the outcome. We have the true fans,” Bishop said.

However, Student Michelle Clark said she is still a fan even if she is not wearing her Texans jersey as much as she did at the start of the season.

“It’s like when you have a bad day. All you want to do is curl up and stay inside for a while. Sometimes, I don’t wear my jersey ‘cause I am mad at my team; not because I have given up,” Clark said.

Meanwhile, student Marrissa Sluss said she agrees the Texans are having a rough season but believes they will be able to bounce back.

“I refuse to give up on them,” Sluss said. “Yes, this has been a horrible losing streak and our team as a whole is injured. But I refuse to let anyone make me think this is it for the Houston Texans. They will be stronger, and they will come out on top next season.”

Starting Case Keenum as quarterback after Matt Schaub’s injury may have changed the momentum on the field, and it may have affected the way San Jac students feel about the games ahead.

“Yes, we have been on a losing streak, but we are getting better,” student Jennifer McDonald said. ”I am glad that we’re not continuing to go downhill. The last few games have been very close. So I have no doubt that we will come back stronger than ever next season.”

The team’s last few appearances reignited hope about the rest of the season. The question now is: what will the bandwagon fans do if the Texans start winning again?