Traveling Theater Troupe to Perform in South Gallery


Collin Quinn Rice

Hal Cosentino is a trans-identifying actor and writer starring in ‘Raymondo’ on the South Campus.

It is not the traditional theater. There are no bright lights or red velvet seats. Instead, attendees of the play “Raymondo” will gather in the multidisciplinary exhibition room of the San Jacinto College South Campus on March 18 to witness the inventiveness of writer and performer, Annie Siddons.

“Raymondo” tells the story of two brothers trapped for six years in a cellar under their home. The audience follows their struggle after they escape their captivity to readjust to changing cultures of the outside world.

The collective bringing the play to the South Campus, The Cartographers, is a traveling theater group based in Chicago, Boston, and Houston. The group met in college and had a shared vision to “connect individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs,” according to the organization’s webpage.

Art and Design Professor and South Campus Gallery Curator Bradly Brown said they are presenting the play in non-traditional performance spaces like houses, bars, libraries, and galleries.

“(The Cartographers) are trying to reach an audience that is not necessarily the audience that would go to a theater,” he added.

Moreover, The Cartographers not only exhibit diversity in their choice of performance space, but the group is also including diverse actors in their cast.

While not directly related to the story, “Raymondo” will be performed by an openly transgender actor.

Brown said, “They will touch on many social issues and cultural issues around the topic.”

The performance of “Raymondo” takes place March 18 at 3 p.m. in the art gallery (Room 143) of the Flickinger Fine Arts Center (S15) on the South Campus.