North Grad Presents First Art Exhibition


Courtesy of Naomi Lemus

‘El Baño pt.2’ is part of the showcase at Galeria del Norte featuring the work of Naomi Lemus.

Pictures have the power to bring back memories and artist Naomi Lemus, a San Jacinto College alumnae, recreates that feeling of nostalgia in her paintings that are currently on display in an exhibition titled Recuerdos, memories in Spanish, that kicked off Feb. 21 at Galeria del Norte.

Art and Design Professor and Gallery Curator Joe Clark invited Lemus, a freshly-minted graduate of the North Campus’s art program, to present her first show at her alma mater. Each semester Clark invites alumni to display their work hoping students will relate to the artist and become encouraged.

For her first show, Lemus decided to go with a series of paintings that display her fondest memories. Clark said the artist was inspired by looking at old photos of her home which she painted without including people.

According to the promotional literature, “Naomi’s paintings capture instantly relatable scenes of domesticity – kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms – all conspicuously void of occupants. Left behind is a curious flash of familiarity and haunted nostalgia.”

With the success of Recuerdos, the opening welcomed 150 visitors, Clark said he looks forward to next the showcase where student artists pick their best piece to represent them in the exhibition. The artwork can be an assignment they submitted for a class or work they created outside of school in their free time.

Meanwhile, Clark said exhibitions like Recuerdos are important because in addition to “introducing art to the people,” it helps artist like Lemus gain a wider audience. Moreover, the gallery is open to the public free of charge and hosts numerous shows during the year that present a diverse variety of art and artists to the North Campus community.

“Art is a form to let out emotions,” Clark said, “with no boundaries to a specific style.”       

Recuerdos will be on display until March 28 at Galeria del Norte in the Grant Fine Arts Center (N1) on the North Campus.


Dulce Aguilar contributed to this report.