English Profs Lead Charge to Revive Writing Club


Courtesy of Pixabay

South Campus faculty will host a meet-and-greet event on Feb. 28 to gauge interest in reforming a student organization focused on creative writing.

San Jacinto College students who love to tell stories will find the “write” time to be an author is Feb. 28 when a defunct writing club attempts to reform on the South Campus.

English Professors Christina Crawford and Greg Smith are leading the charge to reboot the creative writing club that Crawford said she hopes will appeal to a broad range of students regardless of their degree paths.

“It’s about supporting student writing,” she said.

Smith served as an adviser to the former club that went by the moniker Writer’s Block. The organization grew to the point where approximately 30 students attended weekly events but eventually student interest declined, and Writer’s Block disbanded.

Smith, Crawford, and English Professor Rosalinda Izguerra are attending the meet-and-greet event Feb. 28 that features board games and pizza in a come-and-go format.

“It’s not going to be a formal, ‘come-and-sit-for-two-hours event,” Crawford explained.

Sign-up sheets and brainstorming boards will be available for students to contribute their thoughts and ideas for the future direction of the group.

“I want to hear from students,” Crawford said. “What do they want a creative writing club to be?”

If the event demonstrates students are interested in the group, Crawford said future events are guaranteed. She said she envisions open mic nights and professional readings, as well as workshops where students can learn how to have their works published.

“At its essence, writing is about having something to say,” Crawford said. “Creative writing is really important and can be a fulfilling part of that.”

The creative writing club’s event begins at 11 a.m. on Feb. 28 in Room 101 of the Interactive Learning Center (S12) on the South Campus.