More form Moore: smart watches ain’t just for James Bond anymore

Cell phones are a major part of everyone’s day; I think we can all agree on that.

How would you like it if they were accessible at all times – whether in class, at work, or even driving? With the technology we now have, it’s possible.

The new technology fad seems to be smart watches. What are smart watches? They are watches that connect to your phone and allow you to view your messages, make phone calls, and even check your email.

Smart watches are innovative ideas that keep us connected to our cell phones – without actually having to touch our phones.

The first smart watch I heard of was the Pebble. This device has endless capabilities and is only getting better. With Pebble, users can view messages, control music, check emails and change watch faces whenever they like.

Also, the Pebble has a number of Apps available for download that sync with the watch.

Meanwhile, if you don’t like the thousands of premade watch faces Pebble offers, the manufacturers give you an option to create your own.

Samsung released its smart watch, the Galaxy Gear. Right now, it can only be used with the Galaxy Note 3 phone, but by the beginning of December, an update will allow its use with most Galaxy phones.

The Gear features a crystal clear display and a camera built into the wrist strap for snapping quick pictures. It performs most of the basic functions the phone does like voice memos and making phone calls – thanks to the on-screen dial pad, built-in speaker and microphone.

The Gear is currently the best looking smart watch on the market, but because it’s so new, there are still a few glitches to work out.

Other competitors are starting to produce smart watches, but the Pebble and Gear are the clear front-runners.

Apple is rumored to have an “iWatch” in the works, but reports say it won’t be released until – at the earliest – the summer of 2014.

Whether we’re fans of Star Trek, the Power Rangers, The Jetsons, or even of James Bond, we’ve all dreamed of using our watches as a phone or walkie-talkie. Those dreams have now come true.